Mattress Types

At Dormez-vous there’s a mattress type for every sleep style. Whether you’re a side or back sleeper, or looking for a mattress that’s firm, soft or adjustable, we can help you find everything you need to get a better sleep.

Remember, the best way to choose the right mattress for you is by trying them out. Visit us at a location near you to feel the Dormez-vous difference for yourself.

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Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme

Adjustable, Memory Foam

This mattress offers extra-pillowy softness and super-adaptive support throughout the night.  The SmartClimate™ System helps keeps you comfortable all night long by removing excess heat to help regulate your body’s temperature.

Tempur-Pedic Rhapsody™ Breeze

Adjustable, Memory Foam

The ultimate in cool comfort and all night support, the TEMPUR-Rhapsody™ Breeze adds extra coolness to help you sleep comfortably. TEMPUR-Breeze™ technology draws moisture away from your body and dissipates excess heat to balance your temperature for a cool comfortable night’s sleep.

Contour Collection Caroline

Traditional Top, Innerspring

The Caroline's soy-based EcoFoam cradles the body for resilient, consistent support.  The continuous coil system offers long-lasting comfort so you can sleep well night after night.

Contour Collection Celesta

EuroTop, Pocketcoil

The Celesta, exclusively at Dormez-vous, provides a comfortable, rejuvenating sleep, thanks to layers of Soy EcoFoam and an extra layer of zoned gel memory foam.

Contour Collection Keira

EuroTop, Innerspring

The Keira mattress from Contour Collection is a comfortable Euro Top sleep surface, exclusively available at Dormez-vous. Thanks to its breathable fibre blend surface and layers of Soy EcoFoam, you'll stay comfortable all night.

Contour Collection Kelly

Innerspring, Traditional Top

With three layers of Soy EcoFoam, the Kelly tight top mattress, exclusive to Dormez-vous, provides comfort and support all night long.

Contour Collection Slate

Traditional Top

For a supportive sleep, the Slate mattress from Contour Collection is the bed you've been looking for. Exclusive to Dormez-vous, this sleep surface has layers of Soy EcoFoam, and is made with durable damask panels and borders.

Contour Collection Stella

Pocketcoil, Traditional Top

If you want all the benefits of the layers of Soy EcoFoam you expect from Contour Collection, but a more natural sleep, look to the Stella, exclusive to Dormez-vous. This mattress is made with organic cotton that's grown without the use of pesticides.

Contour Collection Vespera

EuroTop, Pocketcoil

Get a comfortable and natural sleep with the Euro Top Vespera from Contour Collection. Exclusive to Dormez-vous, this mattress is made with pesticide-free organic cotton and Contour Collection's comforting and supportive Soy EcoFoam.

Dormeo Octaspring 5600

Memory Foam

For those who like the feel of a traditional high-end memory foam mattress but don’t want the heat and humidity, the open honeycomb designed Octasprings sit on top of a sturdy base of breathable Eco-cell®. 3D air-mesh sides allow the memory foam to breathe.

Dormeo Octaspring 6600

Memory Foam

Wonderfully breathable yet luxuriously supportive, this memory foam mattress cradles while providing enhanced ventilation and airflow. Three zones of memory foam springs, a soft memory foam for your head, shoulders and legs and firmer springs for the hips will leave you in a peaceful slumber.

Dormeo Octaspring 8600

Memory Foam

Wonderfully breathable yet luxuriously supportive, this memory foam mattress offers an additional third layer of generous Octaspring layers for maximum support while maintaining light breathability and ventilation for an evening of bliss.

Dormeo Octaspring 9600

Memory Foam

Treat yourself to blissful nights with the most luxurious mattress in the Dormeo Octaspring line. Three layers of Octaspring technology caress your curves throughout the night, leading to a restful sleep. The bottom layer provides support from head to toe. The middle layer includes five ergonomic support zones that are expertly matched to the body’s weight distribution. Finally, a plush memory foam spring zoned layer completes the mattress, for a feeling of pure comfort.

iComfort Ultimate Collection Merit II

Adjustable, Pocketcoil, Traditional Top

It’s all in the name with Serta's iComfort line of sleep surfaces - comfort. The Merit II, only at Dormez-vous, provides  support, temperature control and long-lasting durability for comfort that won't quit.

iComfort Ultimate Collection Recognition

Adjustable, Pocketcoil, Traditional Top

The Recognition sleep surface from Serta's iComfort line was designed to be the ultimate combination of comfort, support and temperature regulation. Exclusive to Dormez-vous, this mattress has layers of gel memory foam and ultimate pressure point relief for a luxurious sleep every night.

Kingsdown Palais Royale

EuroTop, Latex, Traditional Top

A mattress fit for royalty, the Palais Royale includes layers of high density foam and BluTek gel memory foam and latex to create an exquisite sleep environment.

Kingsdown Duet Gates

Adjustable, Pocketcoil, Traditional Top

Combining temperature technology, comfort and naturally-sourced materials is what the Duet collection from Kingsdown is all about, and the Gates bed adds superior support to that list. In addition to the three gel layers that keep air circulating around the mattress and add density, the natural latex layer provides conforming support and even more comfort, and it's exclusively available at Dormez-vous.

Kingsdown Duet Gilmore

Adjustable, Pocketcoil, Traditional Top

If your perfect sleep includes the right temperature and natural materials, the Gilmore bed from Kingsdown's Duet collection is what you've been dreaming about. Exclusive to Dormez-vous, this sleep surface offers gel-based support, comfort foam, and the temperature regulating technology Kingsdown is known for.

Kingsdown Duet Holly

Adjustable, EuroTop, Pocketcoil

The Holly from Kingsdown's Duet collection provides a cool, comfortable sleep with four layers of gel foam. With all the temperature technology you'd expect from a Kingsdown mattress, but with a few extra comfort features, like a foam topper and motion separation foam, this mattress, exclusive to Dormez-vous, is ready to help you have your best sleep yet.

Kingsdown Duet Ivory

Adjustable, Boxtop, Pocketcoil

Kingsdown's collection of Duet sleep surfaces is known for its advanced temperature regulating system, designed to maintain the perfect body temperature through the night. The Ivory is the standout in the collection for sleepers who want a mattress that envelopes them in luxury. Exclusively at Dormez-vous, the Ivory is topped with two extra layers of foam that offer support and comfort where you need it most.

Kingsdown Passions Ashcroft

Adjustable, Pocketcoil, Traditional Top

Sleep soundly through the night with the Passions Ashcroft. Patented Motion Separation Foam and pocketcoils help reduce motion transfer across the mattress so you stay asleep from dusk till dawn.

Kingsdown Passions Brando

Adjustable, EuroTop, Pocketcoil

Sleep comfortably throughout the night with an advanced temperature regulating system that provides better airflow for a more restful sleep. The Passions Brando includes an advanced memory foam that not only helps regulate body temperature but adds a layer of comfort and support.

Kingsdown Passions Castle

Adjustable, EuroTop, Pocketcoil

Enjoy a restful sleep every night with the Passions Castle. This EuroTop mattress includes an exclusive G3 Temperature Regulating System that helps regulate body temperature throughout the night. Four inches of Convoluted RaceTrack Foam conform to your body for a heavenly sleep night after night.

Kingsdown Pure Sleep Jameson

Adjustable, Innerspring, Traditional Top

The Jameson, from Kingsdown's Pure Sleep collection, provides a relaxing, restorative sleep. For an even more comfortable sleep, it includes two gel layers that regulate body temperature to keep you cool as you sleep.

Kingsdown Pure Sleep Keating

Adjustable, EuroTop, Innerspring

Get a good night's sleep with the Keating bed. From Kingsdown's Pure Sleep collection, this euro top sleep surface is exclusive to Dormez-vous and is designed for a cool, comfortable sleep.

Kingsdown Silent Partner Dylan

Adjustable, Pocketcoil, Traditional Top

Designed for your comfort and constructed for breathability, the Silent Partner Dylan includes the exclusive G4 temperature regulating system with four gel-infused layers to help you stay at the optimal temperature all night long. This mattress includes patented motion separation foam to help reduce motion transfer between you and your partner.

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