Mattress Types

At Dormez-vous there’s a mattress type for every sleep style. Whether you’re a side or back sleeper, or looking for a mattress that’s firm, soft or adjustable, we can help you find everything you need to get a better sleep.

Remember, the best way to choose the right mattress for you is by trying them out. Visit us at a location near you to feel the Dormez-vous difference for yourself.

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Contour Collection Caroline

Traditional Top, Innerspring

The Caroline's soy-based EcoFoam cradles the body for resilient, consistent support.  The continuous coil system offers long-lasting comfort so you can sleep well night after night.

Contour Collection Elite Premiere

PillowTop, Traditional Top

The Premiere, exclusively available at Dormez-vous, offers all the benefits you expect from the Contour Collection, but its even better for the environment. The mattress is made with organic cotton grown without pesticides, and a breathable fibre blend for softness and to promote air circulation around the mattress. The zoned pocket coils provide pressure relief and eliminate motion transfer to keep both you and your sleep partner undisturbed.

Contour Collection Elite Royale

EuroTop, Pocketcoil

For a natural, comfortable sleep, the Elite Royale, Exclusive to Dormez-vous, is just what you've been looking for. Made with organic cotton and layers of Soy EcoFoam, the mattress is breathable and air can easily circulate around it. The zoned pocket coil provides pressure relief and eliminates motion transfer for an undisturbed sleep. You'll get a long, restful sleep on this plush eurotop mattress.

Contour Collection Kelly II

Innerspring, Traditional Top

Feel supported and comfortable all night long with the Kelly II mattress from the Contour Collection. Exclusive to Dormez-vous, this tight top sleep surface reduces motion transfer and evenly distributes weight to give you and your sleep partner your best sleeps yet.

Contour Collection Kirsten

EuroTop, Innerspring

Until you met the Kirsten mattress, you never knew you couldn't live without five zones of comfort layers. Not only does this mattress, exclusively available at Dormez-vous, conform to all your body's curves, it's also made with breathable layers of Soy EcoFoam to keep you at the perfect temperature all night.

Contour Collection Slate

Traditional Top

For a supportive sleep, the Slate mattress from Contour Collection is the bed you've been looking for. Exclusive to Dormez-vous, this sleep surface has layers of Soy EcoFoam, and is made with durable damask panels and borders.

Dormeo Octaspring 5700

Adjustable Friendly, Memory Foam, Traditional Top

For the ultimate balanced sleep, the Dormeo 5700 offers pressure-relieving, firm support and cooling comfort, thanks to its foam MemoryCoils.

Dormeo Octaspring 6700

Adjustable Friendly, Memory Foam, Traditional Top

If you're looking for a mattress that contours and envelopes you while still offering support everywhere you need it, look no further than the Dormeo 6700.

Dormeo Octaspring 8700

Adjustable Friendly, Memory Foam, Traditional Top

For a cushioned yet firm sleep that keeps you cool all night long, the Dormeo 8700 perfectly marries comfort, support and temperature control.

Dormeo Octaspring 9700

Adjustable Friendly, Memory Foam, Traditional Top

With a higher profile than any other mattress in the Dormeo family, the 9700 offers a luxuriously comfortable sleep experience.

Kingsdown iRest Demsey

Pocketcoil, Traditional Top

The Kingsdown iRest Demsey is the perfect combination of support and comfort, thanks to high-tech features. The independent pocket coil system minimizes motion transfer, and the three gel-based components in the Gq temperature regulation system keep your body cool all night. A layer of BluTek gel memory foam with phase change technology adds extra support, and conforms to your curves. Airflow technology and a side transition edge means the entire sleep surface will be comfortable and cool.

Kingsdown iRest Edge

EuroTop, Pocketcoil

For an amazing night's sleep with extra support, look to the Kingsdown iRest Edge. The independent pocket coil system, the Gq temperature regulation system with its three gel based components and the BluTek Gel memory foam with phase change technology come together to create a seriously comfortable sleep surface. Partner motion is reduced, you'll feel cool, and you'll get support right to the edges of the mattress.

Kingsdown iRest Fisher

EuroTop, Pocketcoil

The plush Kingsdown iRest Fisher feels just like a cloud, with superior support and no motion transfer. High end pocket coils concentrated in the center third of the mattress means you'll never feel your partner moving, and you'll get tons of support for your lower back. The Gq temperature regulation system and its three different gel based components will keep you cool all night, and add extra comfort. The foam encasement means the mattress will be comfortable from edge to edge.

Kingsdown Kingsdown Duet Gibson

Innerspring, Traditional Top

Want something firmer than a pillowtop that still feels luxurious? The Kingsdown Duet Gibson is the answer. Its high-end pocket coils have a patented foam motion divider, Exclusive to Dormez-vous, that will make you and your partner feel like you're sleeping on separate mattresses. DST Air technology provides extra support in the center third of the sleep surface, without compromising comfort. The Bio H gel latex combined with Gq Temperature regulation will keep you cool all night.

Kingsdown Kingsdown Duet Grant

Innerspring, Traditional Top

For the ultimate in an undisturbed sleep, choose the Kingsdown Duet Grant, and never feel your sleep partner move again. The high-end pocket coil has a patented motion divider, Exclusive to Dormez-vous, and extra support in the center third with DST Air technology to keep things cool. The Bio H gel latex will help keep you at the optimal sleep temperature, whether you run hot or cold.

Kingsdown Kingsdown Duet Houston

EuroTop, Innerspring

Looking for luxury epitomized in a mattress? The Kingsdown Duet Houston is just that, with a high-level support system and superior comfort. The pocket coils and motion separation foam come together to provide an undisturbed sleep, while the DST Air technology, the Bio H gel latex and the Gq temperature regulation system keep you cool all night. This sleep surface will give you your desired comfort, support and temperature for a truly great night's sleep.

Kingsdown Kingsdown Duet Iverson

EuroTop, Innerspring

The Iverson is the Kingsdown Duet lineup's most supportive mattress, with the highest coil count of any other in the lineup. Not only does that mean maximum support, but superior motion separation, and a cool, pressure-relieving experience. The Gq temperature regulation system and its three gel-based components, combined with the foam encasement and its airflow technology, keeps your temperature perfectly regulated through the night. Treat yourself to this ultra comfortable, supportive mattress.

Kingsdown Palais Royale

EuroTop, Pocketcoil

The Palais Royale is Dormez-vous's most luxurious bed from Kingsdown. It not only features superior temperature technology, but it also has five varieties of foam, including the exclusive Serene Memory Foam. For temperature control, foam-based comfort, air-flow, minimized partner sleep disturbance and longevity, this sleep surface delivers.

Kingsdown Pure Sleep Atlas

Pocketcoil, Traditional Top

For a classically comfortable sleep surface, look to the Kingsdown Pure Sleep Atlas. Independent pocket coils, concentrated in the center third of the mattress, mean you and your sleep partner won't disturb each other. You'll both get extra support through your lower backs, too. The Gq temperature regulating system has three gel based components with airflow technology, so you'll always be at just the right temperature.

Kingsdown Pure Sleep Bowie

EuroTop, Innerspring

The Kingsdown Pure Sleep Bowie is a real crowd-pleaser, with extra support and minimal motion transfer. The independent pocket coils, concentrated in the center third of the mattress, mean you and your partner will get an undisturbed sleep. The Gq temperature regulation system has three gel-based components quilted into it that keep your body at a comfortable temperature all night.

Kingsdown Pure Sleep Cooper

EuroTop, Pocketcoil

With motion controlling pocket coils, you'll get a first class sleep on the Kingsdown Pure Sleep Cooper. This mattress has extra reinforcement in the center third to line up with your lower back for extra support. If you run hot or cold, the Gq temperature regulating system and its three gel based components will help you stay at a comfortable temperature all night. The foam encasement with airflow technology can help with that, too, thanks to its airflow technology that lets heat escape.

Leggett & Platt Essential Lifestyle Adjustable Base

Lifestyle Base

Make your bed work for you, and fit in to your lifestyle. With a full range of bed positions, movement and the technology to provide complete ease of use, the Essential Lifestyle Base is a truly amazing sleep surface.

Leggett & Platt Tranquil Lifestyle Adjustable Base

Lifestyle Base

For the ultimate in high-tech comfort, the Tranquil Lifestyle Base is where it's at. With its memory-recall, full-body massage function, and the ability to incline and limit snoring, this bed is as smart as it is luxurious.

Natura Spinal Plus Latex Audelia

Traditional Top

Get exactly what you expect from a Natura mattress with the Audelia, a winner when it comes to premium comfort and maximum support. It has a superior ergonomic design that offers support exactly where you need it and ventilation for temperature control. The ventilated latex is also supportive, and a layer of wool adds durability and even more cooling comfort. Finished off with an organic cotton cover, you'll get an amazing sleep on the Audelia.

Natura Spinal Plus Thermo-Air Karlina

Traditional Top

Natura's reputation is built on premium comfort  for even the most discerning, picky sleepers, and the Karlina lives up to that reputation. Its superior ergonomic design supports your body right where you need it, and it works to ventilate the sleep surface and keep you cooler. The layer of wool provides durable comfort, and even more temperature control. The organic cotton cover is the perfect finish for this amazing mattress.

Sealy Optimum Chill Dior

Traditional Top

Never overheat while you're sleeping again when you swap out your old mattress for the Chill Dior by Sealy. Its advanced chill technology absorbs and dissipates heat for cooling comfort, and the Liquid Gel Opticore™ supports all your aching muscles after a long day. The layers of gel memory foam and the Outlast® fabric technology that envelop the sleep surface cradle your body, contour to all your curves and keep you cool all night.

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